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FAB Lengths Program

(Formerly known as the Healthy Hair Program)

Want to Grow Your Own Healthy, Natural Hair?

Hair by Tamari's FAB Lengths Program is designed to help you achieve Flawless and Beautiful (FAB) Hair by promoting the health and growth of your natural hair through the use of protective styles, a consistent hair care routine and monitoring of your hair by Tamari.


Q: What is the FAB Lengths Program?

A: The program consists of wearing a protective style that works best for your hair type and lifestyle as recommended by Tamari. While wearing your protective style your natural hair is cared for & monitored by Tamari. Tamari will treat your natural hair with customized treatments as needed, and then you go back into your protective style. After the recommended time frame for your customized program, you can stop wearing your protective styles and reveal healthy, full, and long natural hair.

Q: What type of protective styles are used in the Healthy Hair Program?

A: The types of protective styles Tamari offers includes but is not limited to weaves, custom wigs/units, natural twists, and select braided styles. The length of wear and maintenance for your chosen protective style will be recommended by Tamari based on your hair type, lifestyle and hair growth goals.

Q: If  I choose to wear a weave or wig, where should I purchase hair?

A:  For clients wearing weaves and wigs we offer premium quality bundles and closures for purchase in the salon (Please contact the salon for available inventory). Tamari also makes custom wig units for clients who want a long lasting wig that's tailor-made to fit your style, size and desired color. For more information on customized wig options please schedule a consultation by visiting the "Appointments" page.

Q: Will I be required to buy any special vitamins or hair growth products while on the program?

A: Tamari does recommend using her hair care products the FAB Lengths Growth Stimulating Serum and Moisture Mist Leave In Spray, which she specifically designed to help moisturize your hair and scalp while wearing your protective style. Our full suite of FAB Hair International products are available in salon as well as online at You are not required to purchase products to participate in the FAB Lengths Program. Tamari will also customize a treatment plan based on your hair care needs that will be done in the salon during your appointments. You may need to buy basic tools to maintain your hair style between appointments such as combs, clips and silk/satin scarves or pillowcases.


Q: How long is the FAB Lengths Program?

A: How long you are on the FAB Lengths Program varies per person. Tamari will recommend the duration of time you should be on the program based on your individual needs and hair goals.


Q: How do I begin the program?

A:  You can begin the program by scheduling a FREE Hair Care Consultation. Tamari will review your hair, and discuss your hair care history, and from there she will determine how long you should be on the program to achieve your desired results. You can schedule your consultation by visiting the "Appointments" tab.



See the Results of clients on the program

6 Months

This client started on the FAB Lengths Program after cutting her natural hair into a short bob to get rid of damaged, over-processed hair. Her hair has made great progress in only 6 months.

10 Months

This client has been on the FAB Lengths Program for 10 months and has already grown from a short style to hair past her shoulders.

12 Months

This client started with broken damaged ends. After 12 months on the FAB Lengths Program she has long, full,  healthy hair.

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