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About Tamari

FAB Hair International is the brainchild of Tamari Zeigler, a professional hair stylist, makeup artist and owner of FAB Hair International Salon with over 19 years of experience in the beauty industry. FAB, which stands for Flawless And Beautiful, not only describes the hair styles that Tamari is known to create in her salon, but more importantly, who she believes women are inside and out.


Tamari knows that for women, their hair is an expression of who they are and how they want to present themselves to the world. Her belief that “beautiful hair is healthy hair,” lead Tamari to focus on hair care as an important part of creating styles for her diverse clientele. Whether it’s a weave, locs, silk press, natural or relaxed, Tamari’s goal is to create the styles her clients want while nurturing the health of their hair to keep it flawless and beautiful.

FAB Hair International

Tamari founded FAB Hair International in 2015, originally starting as a hair extension company. As a stylist who specializes in healthy hair care, Tamari knows the importance of consistency in caring for the hair and scalp when growing and maintaining healthy hair. With that in mind, she began to develop FAB Hair International hair care products.


Pairing her expertise in healthy hair care and growth stimulation with natural based remedies, Tamari worked with specialists who helped her develop products made with natural and organic ingredients. This successful development enabled her to officially launch the FAB Hair International hair care product line in 2019.


FAB Hair International products caters to all of hair types and textures ranging from naturally curly hair to straight or relaxed hair to locs and everything in between.

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